Transcribe is the Library of Virginia’s collaborative online workspace where the public can participate in enhancing access to many of our amazing collections documenting over 400 years of Virginia history, people, and culture. This is the perfect opportunity for participants to dig deep into our collections and transcribe historic materials from five to ten active projects at a time. From peace to wartime, court records to letters home, and conspiracies to political statements, there will be something for everyone.

Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibition

Flora of Virginia

Flora of Virginia highlights the botanical exploration of from colonial days through 2012's publication of Flora of Virginia, the first statewide flora published since the 1762 Flora Virginica by Johannes Gronovius. The 2012 book identifies nearly 3,200 plant species native to or naturalized in the commonwealth. Since the colonial period, Virginia's flora has been collected, described, and drawn. As a botanist uses language to describe plant, a botanical artist uses pen, ink, pencil, or watercolor to help the reader visualize a plant.