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of the slaves formerly belonging to Mrs Polly Savage? And if so did you or not ever hire any one or more of said slaves? Ans: I can't say that I was acquainted with them to my certain knowledge except Jacob. I know him. I hired him. Q2 From whom did you hire Jacob, for what year or years, and at what price? Ans: I hired him of Z Nock for the year 1854, and at $55,00. Q3 Was Jacob at that time a young sound negro or not? Ans: So far as I know he was. I think he was young. And further this deponent saith not. This witness is entitled to receive 58 cts, Thomas P Lewis John C Wessels, being first duly sworn deposes and says: Q1 Did you know any of the slaves belonging to Mrs Polly Savage, and if so which ones? Ans: I knew Jacob, Jim, Maha, Mary, Egypt, Caleb. Q2 Did you or not ever hire any one or more of these after Mrs Savage's death, and if so what one or more? Ans: I hired Jacob in 1856.