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21 Q22 What became of him? Ans: He was sold. Mr Z Nock sold him Q23 When did he sell him? Ans: About 2 years before he died in March Q24 How much did he sell for? Ans: $1000 is what I heard he got for him. Q25 Was Jim grown at the death of Mrs Savage? Ans: Yes sir. Q24 Do you remember where he lived after her death? Ans: No sir I don't recollect where he lived at first. He lived at the time of her death at Mr Jacob Byrd's. He lived at Mr Selby Byrd's one year - also at Capt Gibbon's one year & Mr Jno Rew's one year & at Mr Jesse Dickerson's one year & entered on another & in that other year he went away. Cross Examination by counsel for the Plaintiffs. Q1 How many children did Harriet, Henny, Mahala and Mary each have? Ans: Harriet had 4, Henny had none Mahala had 1 & Mary has 9 now. Q2 When were the children of Harriet, Mahala and Mary born? Ans: Harriet had one before Mrs Savage - She had the rest before Mr Nock died. Mahala had her child after Mrs Savage's