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years or either of them.

Ans: Sometimes he would send for me to transact business for him. I was Constable and he was I think a Justice of the Peace. At other times I would go on my own business to get him to give me Judgments upon confessed claims at his house for which I went frequently. I went sometimes when I had no business.

Q 9 Are you certain that Zadock Nock was a Justice of the Peace during the years 1860 & 1861?

Ans: I am not positive about the dates.

Q 10 Did not Wm Nock Senr: have negroes to hire out?

Ans: Yes he did.

Q 11 Do you know to whom they were hired during the years 1860 & 1861?

Ans: I do not. It is not on my mind. Asa Shilds hired two to them while living at Hog Neck.

Q 12 Can you say that you know that Zadock Nock during the year 1860 or 1861 did not hire from William Nock a slave or slaves for some person other than said Zadock?

Ans: He might have done it, but not that I know of.

Q 13 Were you acquainted and did you know of all contracts made between Wm Nock Senr: and Zadock Nock for hiring slaves during the year 1860 & 1861?

Ans: No, & it is not likely that I should.

Q 14 Do you know that Zadock Nock was not security to Wm Nock for the hire of a slave or slaves for 1860 or 1861, which hire, by reason of the insolvency