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Q 10 Do you know what quantity of Oats belonging to Zadock Nocks Estate was on his premises at the time of his death? Ans: I do not.

Q 11 Please state if you know whether there were one or two crops at that time Ans: I do not know positively.

Cross Examined by the counsel for the Defendants. Q 1 You say that Zadock Nock had in his custody and hired out a large number of slaves. Was he or not at the time to which you refer the Exr: of the Estate of Polly Savage, the guardian of his own children, and the guardian of the children of his deceased brother Nehemiah Nock? Ans: I have heard something like that. I did not know it.

Q 2 Did or did not a considerable amount of slaves belong to Polly Savages' Estate, Zadock Nock's children, and to Nehemiah Nock's children? Ans: There were some he hired out that were called the Polly Savage negroes, Nehemiah Nocks children had only one negro.

Q 3 How many slaves were in the custody of Zadock Nock during the years 1860 & 1861 that were his own individual property? Ans: I never knew the difference. I thought they all belonged to him, I know he had one he bought