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He sent Stephen to Capt Wm Nock's to sow his oats, and Capt Nock sent a hand to Zadock Nock's in Stephen's place in the sowing season of one year.

Q 5 Did he hire any negroes for the year 1860 and 1861, or for either of these years? Ans: Not hat I know off. Never saw any thing but his own hands working for him. Never heard of it.

Q 6 Did you or did you not reside in his neighborhood? Ans: I did.

Q 7 Were you or not in the habit of visiting his house up to the time of his death? Ans I was frequently.

Q 8 If he hired negroes during those years, were or were not, your opportunities such, that you must have known it? Ans: I think so.

Q 9 I understand from your evidence, that from your opportunities for information on the subject, that you are satisfied, that he did not hire any negro or negroes for either of those years - Do I understand your correctly? Ans: I think you do.