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Q 4: Did Mr Wright the debtor have sufficient property liable to levy out of which the debts could have been made by you? Ans: No he did not. He was very poor. I don't believe he had property sufficient to have made these debts out of. I don't think I could have made what I did get if Wright has have objected to it. And further this defendant saith not. This witness expects his pay for attendance - amt: 82 cts } John P Barnes Edward J Gillespie, a lawful witness, was called for the Plaintiffs; and being first duly sworn deposes and says: Question 1: Did you know Zadock Nock in his lifetime? Ans: I did. I went to school with him. Think I was personally well acquainted with him up to the time of his death. I helped to shroud him. Q 2: Do you know whether he was or was not the owner of a large number of slaves? Ans: He acted as such. He has a large number in custody and hired them out. Q 3: Was he or was he not in the habit of hiring out slaves every year? Ans: He was. Q 4: Was he or was he not in the habit of hiring any slaves? Ans: No he had a plenty of his own.