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diligence in the discharge of his duties, might have come to his hands. 1 And proceeding especially to surcharge and falsify the said account, your orators and oratrices charge that the item of $409.69 of date Jany 1st 1863 for bond & hire of negroes for 1860 & 1861, is erroneous; that the said testator, so far from hiring servants of any person, had a large number of slaves, and was, himself, in the habit of hiring out slaves every year. They call for full proof of this item. And these complainants further charge, that the item of same date of $310.00 credited to the estate of said testator for hires of slaves is too small, and they allege that a much larger sum of money was recd. by the said Executor for hires, or could have been so received by him, had he exercised proper diligence in collection the same - And these complainants further allege that the said testator was possessed of a far larger amount of bonds than his estate is credited with; and that the same were good and collectable, and either were or might, with proper diligence, have been collected by said testator. In the absence of any inventory or appraisement