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own account. After Bull and Mason entered into partnership in purchasing negroes, the deponent at all [residues?] where slaves were to be sold, always forced Bull & Mason present as competitors of foreign negroe purchases but before that time the deponent considered Bull as a ten dollar he gave buyer, being for others Acc of the terms at which Mason caused Negroes to Norfolk above referred to was in the month of March, in the year (as the deponent believed) said Mason died and the said Mason may have gone at other times unknown to the deponent. The deponent believes that in the commencement of Bull & Mason's purchasing negroes in partnership, they usually purchased on credit; but in the last of their purchasing, they sometimes purchased for cash. Question by defendant's counsel Do you know of any partnership existing between Seals & Bull before the partnership of Bull & Mason commenced? Answer I do not know of any such partnership. Question by Plaintiff's Counsel. What business did Charles Mason follow before he commenced purchasing negroes in partnership with Bull. Answer. He followed Farming and continued to following farming until his death and his farm was well managed and was profitable Question by Pltff's counsel. What income do you suppose Mason's farm produced after maintaining his family? Answer. I don't know that, but he usually sold about from 500 to 700 bushels of corn and from 800 to 1000 bushels of oats besides some corn retailed in the neighbourhood. Question by Pltff's Counsel. Had or had not Charles Mason a sufficiency of slaves to cultivate his farm? Answer. He usually hired one man and hired out one woman and hired an overseer to whom he gave $60. Question by Pltff's Counsel. What business did Bull follow before he entered into partnership with Mason? This question was afterwards waived. Question by Plaintiff's Counsel. When Bull & Mason entered into partnership whom did you consider most wealthy Bull or Mason? Answer. I considered Mason rich and I considered Bull in doubtful circumstances from the great loss he had sustained by Callahan. Question by Deft's Counsel. Did Mason own any property besides his Land and negroes.