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12th Quest - Do you or do you not know of Mason [getting?] Forty dollars of John Bull to pay a man named Ashly Ansr. I heard mason say he was going to [get?] it and I believe he did. Ashly was the [owner?] + went away after Harvest, + [got?] the money before he went away

13th Did you or did you not ever hear any [illegible] words between John Bull + [Chal?] Mason about a negro boy which Mason got rid of in Norfolk, + what did Mason say Ansr. - I heard Mr Bull talk very [rash?] to Mason about the boy, but Mason said but little. he could not -tell what- gain any satisfaction about the boy, he had got no money for him - And Mr Bull told Mr Mason he should pay for him

14th Quest by [illegible] Council When Mason would return from a trip to sell negroes, was John Bull in the habit of going to see him? Ansr. [Yes?]. 2nd [q?] When Bull would go to see Mason, was Mason in the habit [as?] not of going home and [illegible] count of the trip Ansr. He was - 3rd quest Would Mason bring home money from the trip. Ansr. sometimes he would + sometimes not. 4 Q. When he brought home money, what would he do with it. Ansr. I do not know exactly. I did not stand to see - 5th Did you ever know him to give Mr Bull any money, upon such occasions - Ansr. I do not know