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he has known Mason to carry negroes through Drummond Town to Norfolk. The negroes belonging to Bull & Mason as the deponent has understood was usually kept at Bull's house until they were sent to Market. The deponent believed that Bull before he was in partnership with Mason usually kept his purchased negroes in Jail until the law prohibited the confinement of slaves in Jail. The deponent does not recollect of being at any sale where he saw Bull buy slaves except at Bill's Sale. After Bull & Mason were in partnership he believes they both purchased negroes. He has heard Mason says that he kept the negroe money and he recollects that Mason boasted of the money they made by purchasing negroes. He thinks that Mason was most active in purchasing negroes but does not know who purchased most. The deponent thinks if he had had a negroe to sell he should have gone to Mason in preference to Bull. He went to Bull to purchase negroes before he and Mason were in partnership. He has frequently seen Bull have large sums of money in his hat crown but he does not know who it belonged to & he thinks he has seen him have a thousand or two dollars at a time, and from his knowledge of his circumstances he supposes Bull could not have had so much of his own money. The deponent now knew Bull to sell any of the partnership negroes. he believes that Mason usually sold them. Mason was frequently intoxicated and often boasted about his money and the money he made and the deponent did not always confide in what Mason told him or such subjects. The said Mason told the deponent once that they had made $1000 at one time by purchasing negroes and offered to share the deponent the money & he at the same time said he had the partnership money. The said Mason had then been drinking too much and the deponent placed but little confidence in what he said about the [plan?] made. From Mason's habits of intoxication, he was not such a man as he would have trusted with money. The deponent formerly owed a Bond to Zorababel Mason & before he died the bond was changed and a new bond given to Charles Mason. He has heard Mason say he kept the partnership money more than once; he was frequently drunk and then boasted more about his money than when sober, but he has heard him say that he had the partnership money when is such situation that the deponent placed confidence in what he said. The deponent doesnt know positively that Bull even purchased any negroes except at Bull's sale. Bull was a Deputy Sheriff at the same time he was a negroe buyer. and was Deputy Sheriff when Wm Parramore senr & James Gillett were high Sheriff. And further the deponent saith not Thomas Cropper Sworn to before me the 21st of March 1834 Tho R Joyner 2 hours