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Wm Panam the Sheriff Administrator de bonis non with the bill annexed of Charles Mason decd } Plaintiff Charles Mason decd against John Bull Senior Defendant } In Chancery William P Custis of lawful age being first duly sworn deposeth and saith, that on the day Charles Mason died the deponent went to the house of Charles Mason very shortly after the death of Mason. The deponent is not certain whether he found James [Whirford?] at Mason's house, or that [Firfore?] arrived there in a very short time after the deponent. The deponent has this day seen and read the deposition of James [Whirford?] taken before the commissioner in this cause, and the deponent recollects the facts stated by [Feiford?] up to the time that [Feiford?] the defendant and deponent left Mason's house the deponent then went with the defendant to his, (the defendant's house for the purpose of seeing the statement which Bull said he would [share?] of the situation of the business of Bull & Mason. The defendant [cohibited] to witness a book on which was an account against Charles Mason - on this account there was various charges of cash against Mason, two items of which the witness recollects were, fine for nine hundred dollars & one for seven hundred dollars. There were various credits in said account, several of which were entered and the amounts left blank. These blanks were filled up by the witness from the information of the defendant & witness then added up the charges and credits on said account & on this addition there was a balance appearing against Mason of Eight hundred & fifty or sixty dollars. The balance appearing to be due on this account, if due at all, was due, according to the opinion of the witness from the items of the account, from Mason to Bull & Mason. The deponent then again asked Bull where the funds of Bull & Mason were; and Bull then again said the funds were in his Bull's