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about the house to be a witness to the Bond and Mason said he had rather have a man for a witness than a woman; and requested the deponent to come with him to Drummond Town, and said that perhaps the defendant might be there and they could both sign it at once. The deponent came to Drummond Town with Mason, but did not find Bull there. The deponent had no conversation with Bull to induce the deponent to believe the money was wanted for a partnership transaction except as is above stated. The deponent told Mason that Bull denied that the money above mentioned was for a partnership transaction several months before his death. And further saith not. Bagwell Taylor

Richard S Reid of lawful age, a witness produced on the part of the Pltfs, being first duly sworn, deposeth and saith, That Charles Mason and John Bull frequently applied to the deponent to borrow money and the deponent on several occasions loaned them money. The deponent always considered these as partnership transactions from the conversations of the parties themselves. Sometimes one would apply & at other times the other would apply and at sometimes the money was delivered by the deponent to one of the parties and the other would subsequently pay the interest on the same money and the deponent never doubted but that all the money borrowings from the deponent were joint on the part of Bull & Mason. There transactions commenced subsequent to 1823 and continued occasionally until the death of Mason. The deponent as the agent of his mother ^Jane Reid^ lent some ^of her^ money to Bull & Mason under precisely similar circumstances as his own money and since the death of Mason, Bull has taken ^in^ a Bond of Bull & Mason and given his own Bond for the debt. Richd S Reid

William Parramore Jnr of lawful age, a witness produced on the part of the defendant deposeth and saith (being first duly sworn) That he has no knowledge of the circumstances attending the borrowing of the money by Mason and Bull of Bagwell Taylor as mentioned in Taylor's deposition. The deponent witnessed the bond when Bull signed it and Bull requested the deponent to take notice that he was only security in the debt. Wm Parramore J

The foregoing depositions were taken by me in presence of the parties on due notice this 20th March 1835 Teo R Joynes - Court in Chancery (1 hours & 15 minutes)