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for further answer to the said bill of complaint the said defendant saith that he furnished very nearly the whole of the money upon which the firm of Bull and Mason traded and placed the greater part thereof in the hands of Mason for him to purchase slaves with and the said Mason for the most part disposed of the slaves at such times places & for such prices as he thot' advisable. This respondent further saith that he himself, in the lifetime of Charles Mason, paid off some bonds for which the firm of Bull & Mason was liable and after he, this respondent, had paid off those bonds he placed them in the hands of Charles Mason for safe custody which bonds he believes are not in the hands of the said Wm P Custis & have been found amongst the papers of Chas Mason decd: but it is true that the said Mason in his lifetime did pay off some of the bonds due from Bull & Mason but the payment was made with the money of the firm & the debt due from the of Bull & Mason to Wm Elliott is particularly referred to as one of those paid off by Mason with the funds of the firm. This respondent for further answer saith that at the commencement of the partnership aforesaid this defendant contributed in the first instance $2000 & the said Charles Mason contributed only $90.00 in addition to those two sums, the firm of Bull & Mason borrowed various sums from sundry persons for which the said firm gave their joint obligations, some of which, it is true, Chas Mason in his life time paid off & settled, but with the funds of the joint concern: and this defendant further alleges that he in the life time of said Mason also paid off some of the joint bonds of the concern but those payments were made with the own proper individual funds of this respondent, and not with the funds of the partnership. This defendant also further alleges that since the death of Charles Mason he ^as surviving partner^ hath paid off large sums of money to different persons, amongst others he paid the following to wit to P P Mayo on the 21 June 1830 the sum of $366.51. To Jane Stran $400.00 with the int: thereon from the 10 Sep 1829 to 23 July 1830. The sum of $200.00 with int: thereon to Jane Rew the sum of $554:75 with interest thereon to Richard S. Rew - the sum of $400: with interest thereon to Mary P Stran the sum of $230: with interest thereon to James Boggs and there are some considerable debts still due from the said firm, for which this respondent as surviving partner is liable, particularly a debt due to Betsey Wharton exor $806 with some arrear of interest this respondent further alleges that independent of the large sums of money due him from the said Charles Mason arising out of the facts heretofore stated, the said Mason justly owes this defendant the sum of $1000 for so much received by said Mason ^in his life time^ belonging to this respondent from Wm Parramore jr for money deposited by this respondent to the said Parramore's credit in one of the banks in Norfolk this respondent also paid for the said Mason to Wm [Elersi?] $14.09 for said Masons taxes for 1828: this defendant here with files sundry papers supporting the justice of the said items of account against the said Chas. Mason, which he prays may be taken as a part of this answer and they are marked 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. This defendant for further answer saith that it frequently occurred that in the purchase of slaves by him & the said Mason on a credit, that they gave bonds for them, in which the said Mason was some times bound as security of this defendant & this defendant some times bound as security for said Mason but such bonds were equally due from them as principals in fact. There is however one or two exceptions to that regulation, particularly in a bond given by said Mason in his life time with this respondent his security to a certain Bagwell Taylor. This defendant further saith that among the bonds paid by him in the life time of Chas Mason which were due from the firm of Bull & mason are the following (all of which were paid with the individual funds of