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The answer of John Bull to a bill of Complaint of William P Custis exor of Charles Mason senr. in the Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Accomack: This respondent for answer thereto saith that it is true that he and the said Charles Mason decd were in partnership in the purchase of slaves, which partnership commenced in ^1824^. This defendant saith that he has been always anxious for a settlement of the accounts between him and the said Charles Mason and that he has never refused to come to a settlement. This defendant for further answer saith that he and the said Charles Mason kept no regular books relating to their partnership, and that he has never withheld any information upon that subject from the plaintiff as tho that part of the plaintiff bill wherein he charges that upon a settlement of the accounts of the said partnership a balance would be found due the estate of Charles Mason, this respondent for answer saith, that upon a fair and just settlement of the said accounts he verily believes that a very large balance will be found due to this defendant, for & on account of the partnership transactions that took place in the lifetime of Chas Mason, which balance will be increased, because, since the death of the said Charles Mason the defendant has paid many large sums of money which are due from the firm of Bull & Mason at the time of Masons death, the said Wm P Custis as exor of Chas Mason refusing to contribute to the payment of those claims and in fact be urged the creditors of Bull & Mason to sue this respondent as surviving partner of the firm