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Louis Hardin and wife vs. Holman Bragg, Gdn.: Chancery Cause, Fluvanna County (Part 1 of 4)

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equity and good conscience: That he should duly accounted for and surrendered up the portion of your Oratrix with the profits thereof in the property of her deceased grandfather aforesaid to your Oratrix, but that having failed so todo he should now be compelled to account for and surrender up the same to your Orator the said Louis Hardin. Wherefore and for as much as your orator oratrix can only have adequate [illegible] and relief in the premises in a court of Equity where matters of this sort are properly cognizable and relievable your orator and oratrix pray that your worships will order a subpoena to be directed to the said Holman Bragg making him a party to this bill and requiring him to answer the various allegations herein contained on oath. That the said Holman Bragg that may be ordered to render an account of his acting and doings as guardian of your orator ^as^ aforesaid before a commissioner or commissioners to be a appointed by your worships for the purpose and also that the said guardian be decreed to surrender up the portion of your said oratrix with the proffits thereof in the aforesaidant's estate into the hands of your orator the said Louis Hardin and your orator and oratrix pray for all such other ^aid^ and further relief as the nature and circumstances of the case may require and your your worships may seem just and proper and they will ever pray &c. J S Moon p.q.

C C Bill in Chancery Louis & Marianna Hardin vs Holman Bragg