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Joseph Dillard vs. Adms. of Thomas Clasby: Chancery Cause, Amherst County (Part 2 of 4)

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The affidavit of William Clasby of lawful age taken at Peachy Franklin's Tavern in the town of New Glasgow on Saturday the 21st day of February 1824 agreable to a notice acknowledged by the Deffts William Borin and Creed C Carter admrs De bonis non of Thomas Clasbys Decd to be read as evidence in an injunction in the county court of Amherst wherein Joseph Dillard is Plaintiff and William Brown & Creed C Carter Admrs De bonis non of Thomas Clasby's Decd are Deffendents saith Question by the Deft Did you not take a negro Edmund while the property of Tho Clasby from W Aldridge's Still House as a runaway Taken up by John Bowles Answer I'd take sd Edward as a runaway to his master T Clasbey from Aldridges Still House Question by same was it very frost bitten when you carried him home - Answer it was not severe weather tho there was snow on the ground Question by the same What situation was the negroe in whan you took him home. & do you think he was frost bitten at that time - Answer I saw nothing unusual in his appearance & do not beleeve he was frost bitten Question by same Did you ever hear whil [who] said Edmund was in possission of Tho Clasby that he was frost bitten or sick or know if you acnknowledge Answer I did hear Ths Clasby say that at first he did think the Boy was frostbitten but afterwards fount it it was only his shins that were stained by a full fren along in crossing a creek Question by the Deft. but was the carriage of the sd Edmund for usual walk - Answer the first time I saw him he walked barfooted as if his toeis were cramped by a light pair of shoes