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Thomas T. Craghead vs. Richard Kidder Randolph: Chancery Cause, Prince Edward County (Part 3 of 3)

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house of the said Craghead and Mathews, or provide the means of supporting him at the house of said persons, with the privilege of remaining there, which information this deponent did give to said Berkeley as agent of R. K. Randolph, as he supposed him to be in the matter, but Mr. Berkeley did not say that he was or was not the agent of R. K. Randolph, but the said Berkeley in reply - agreed to the justice and propriety of said slaves being supported by her proper owner, that hitherto she had been supported free of costs as he was informed, but that now if she was an expense he was willing for the amount of the expense to be ditermined by the judgment of two or three disinterested neighbours, that the said Berkeley requested this deponent to give said information to Mrs. Sarah Mathews, and furthermore authorized her to name two or three neighbours to settle the point in dispute, which settlement he would abide as agent of R. K. Randolph, as I understood, that the above information as coming from Mr. Berkeley was given said Craghead and Mathews by this deponent, that they declined taking so entirely into their hands the settlement between them, but requested the deponent whenever he met with Mr. Berkeley to request him to ride to his or their house, that they might together arrange the settlement, which communication this deponent made some short time after in the name of Mrs. Mathews, that Mr. Berkeley replied he did not know when he could ride there and that he did not know whether it was necessary for him to go there, some six or nine months after this last interview Mr. Berkeley as stated above, said Craghead & Mathews stated to the deponent that Mr. Berkeley never had come forward to make any arrangement for the support of said slave, and requested the deponent to speak to Mr. Berkeley again on the name subject, and to request him in the name of the complainant and Mr. Mathews not to delay any longer to provide for this support of said slave, that the said Berkeley upon receiving his last communication from Mrs. Mathews through the deponent replied that he would have nothing to do with said slave, that she never had been property in his custody and care, but that he had been informed said slave had been living first at one place and then at another free of cost among her children. - question by William Berkeley: Did I not state to you afterwards, that said slave had been verbally given to Judge Cabell, who had purchased some of her children? answer you did so. question by same: Did not I tell you that my reason for declining the reference was that the negro woman has been given to Judge Cabell? Answer, you did. question by same, Did you never hear Mrs. Mathews say the negro woman might stay at her house? Answer yes, she did say she might


so long as she could support herself. And further the deponent saith not. Thomas Allen.

The above disposition sworn to before us James D. Wood and James Madison justices of the peace for the County of Prince Edward this 15th November 1832. James D. Wood J.P. James Madison J.P.

Prince Edward County to to wit: The foregoing deposition of Thomas Allen was this day retaken before us at Prince Edward Court house and duly sworn to, and to be read as evidence in the said Cause of Thomas T. Craghead against Richard K. Randolph & others. Given under our hands this 21st day of October 1833. Nathaniel Price J.P. Jas. D. Wood J.P . Mr. William Berkeley agent of Richard K. Randolph & Peyton. Randolph. Gentlemen you are hereby notifyed that I shall take the disposition of Doctr. John P. [Mittouer?] and others on Monday the 17th Inst., it being court day, at the Tavern house of John Pearson at Prince Edward Court house, between the hours of eight oclock in the morning, and the setting of the sun of the same day, to be read as evidence in a suit now depending in the County Court of Prince Edward, wherein I am plaintiff and you are defendants, and that if the said deposition should not be completed on that day, to be continued from day to day, Sundays excepted, untill the whole is completed: as which time and place you may attend if you think proper. your Humble Servant Thompson T. Craghead December 1st 1832.

Prince Edward County to wit: William [Levy?] this day made oath before me, that he delivered Mr. William Berkeley a True copy of the within notice, in the 1st day of the present month. Given under my hand this 17th Decr 1832.

H. Theueatt  J.P.

The deposition of Doctr]: John P. [Mittouer?], taken at Prince Edward court house, at the Tavern of John Pearson, Pursuant to notice the 17th Decr. 1832, to be read as evidence in a Chancery suit now pending in the County Court of Prince Edward, between Thompson T. Craghead plff. and Wm. Berkeley and others defts. - This deponent being duly sworn deposeth and saith, during my attendance at Mr. T. T. Cragheads the fall of 1831, I accidentally discovered that