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Stephen Dejarnett vs. James Hurt, etc.: Chancery Cause, Prince Edward County (Part 1 of 3)

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To the worshipful court of Princeedward in Chancery siting This seperate answer, of Richard Jefferess, to a Bill of Injunction exhibited against himself, and James Hurt, in this worshipful court. This Respdt. now and at all times saving and reserving to himself all benefit of exception, to the many untruthes and insufficiences, in the compltes. [complaintnt's] Bill, mentioned for answer thereto, or so much, as he is advised is mutual for him to answer.. saith that true it is, he this respdt. did imploy a certain James Hurt, to sell a negroe man named Bob, that Hurt acted as his agent, that Bob was his property, and that the complt.about eighteen months after the sale, of said Negroe paid this respdt. twenty four pounds, which is credited on the bond of the complt. as to the age of the said Bob, the respdt. is ignorant, but he believes he is not as old, as the complt. states him to be, and expressly denies, that the negroes age, was mentiond. by his directions, or that he warranted the age, or any thing else, appertaining to the said Negroe, that he was sold at publick sale, and the complt. ess was his chap, that he knows nothing of the caracter of the said negroe, as a poisoner that he owned him for upwards of twelve months, during which time he behaved himself well, and was a very good slave for work, that true it is the Negroe had a small sore on one of his legs, but it never prevented him working. This Respdt. denies all fraud or intention to practice a fraud he begs leave further to state that is has been five years since he sold the said Negroe, and has frequently heard from his neighbours he never complaind. before suit was instituted on the complts. bond.. Also have understood that he was well pleased with his bargain, and your Respdt. believes that