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Admr. of Richard Hill, etc vs. Curator of William Hill, etc.: Chancery Cause, Greensville County (Part 2 of 3)

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D W Brodnax Executor of Wm H Brodnax deceased, M R Griswold, R Y Bland, Mary Bland, George W Parham - the said R H Parham in his own right, Thomas Hill, [blank] administrator of Hannah Hunt deceased, Hannah Irby, Catharine Irby, Jane Irby, Sandy H Irby, Richard Irby and Martha Irby the said Richard h Parham &c being part of the issue of Richard Hill deceased, [blank] administrator of Hannah Gee, [blank] administrator of Sarah Crawford deceased - the said Hannah and Sarah being part of the issue of Sally Ruffin deceased, [blank] administrator of John Booth deceased, [blank] administrator of Wm Booth deceased, [blank] adm'r of Robert Watkins deceased, Dr Franklin Epes and Ann E his wife, the said John, William & Robert and Ann E being part of the issue of George Booth deceased, R Y Bland Sr and Nancy his wife, [blank] of Elizabeth Parham deceased, R H Booth, Benjamin Ward and Maria his wife, [blank] adm'r of Elizabeth Cor dec'd part of the issue of Gilliam Booth dec'd, James Booth, John Booth, Mitchell Roberts and Martha his wife, James Matthews and Maria his wife, David McChristy and Lucy his wife, James Roane and Elizabeth his wife, Ezemily Booth, Robert Booth, Edwin Booth, Elmira Booth, Joanna Booth, John booth, and James G. Booth - issue of John booth dec'd. Harper Booth, Reuben Booth, Thomas Booth, Judith Jones, Rebecca Elliott, Maria B Moffitt, Abraham Kernashaw and Martha his wife, Wm Neal and Sally his wife, Benjamin Harris and Minerva his wife, Thomas Jones, Frances Jones, Harwood Jones, Wm Jones, James Jones, John Simmons and Rebecca Anne his wife - issue of Thomas Booth deceased - Defendants 1848 Jany: 24th. Affidavit made as to the non-residence of parties by T. S Gholson In the Clerks office of the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the County of Greensville January 24th. 1848. This day personally appeared in the office aforesaid before me Jos. Turner Clerk of the said Court, Thos. S. Gholson how made oath that all of the defendants named in the foregoing memorandum except D. W. Brodnax Exo'r. of Wm. H. Brodnax dec'd. M. R. Griswold, Mary Bland, R. Y. Bland, R. Y. Bland Sr. & Nancy his wife, Geo. Wm. Parham, [blank] Adm'r. of Hannah Hunt, Dr. Franklin Epes & Ann E. his wife, [blank] Admr. of Hannah Gee, [blank] Admr of Sarah Crawford, [blank] Admr. of Jno. Booth, [blank] Admr. of Wm. Booth dec, [blank] Admr. of Robert Watkins dec'd. [blank] Admr. or Admx with the will annexed of Elizabeth Parham dec'd. [blank] Admr. of Elizabeth Cor dec'd. are to the best of his knowledge & belief and from the best information he can obtain, not residents of the State of Virginia. Given under my hand the date aforesaid. Jos. Turner C. C.