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John Tayloe vs. William Willis, etc.: Chancery Cause, Lynchburg City (Part 1 of 2)

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age Ans I am of the opinion it was a Combination of both Exsposurs and old age Qus by the same was there any visable defect in his Eyes and if so state what was there appearance. Ans there was a visable defect in both Eyes and more Esspially in one, both Eyes ware inflamed, one much more than the other. Qust. was there any film or catarack over his Eyes or Either of them? Ans. It was has been so long sense I attened the said slave I dont disstintly recollect but I do belive theire was sum degree of film over bothe Eyes and in the one most diseased sum catterrack and it had the appearance of an old disease viz of seveal months standing. I was of the opinion one of the eyes was in the reach of medicine and the other Incurable. Qus by the same ware you opinion from the appeance of his Eyes, and from your knowledge of cases of the kind, that the disease of his eyes was but of a few months standing? Answer - I have seen cases of much longer standing than I have above stated, in which the eyes were much less diseased than his appeared to be. Qus by the plffs Is it probable such Cases might Exsist for several years before death Insued Ans. Yes Qus by the Dffend are you not of opinion that the disease of his Eyes of which you speak proceeded from exsposure to bad weather Ans Yes and further this affient sayeth not. Howel Davies

Corporation of Lynchburg to Wit Howel Davis the affiant personally appeared at the time and place set forth in the caption or heading of the foregoing affidavit Subscribed and made oath to the said affidavit before me Mayor of the corporation aforesaid given under my hand this 3rd day of May 1820 John Thurman