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John Tayloe vs. William Willis, etc.: Chancery Cause, Lynchburg City (Part 1 of 2)

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The affidavid of Dor. Howell Davis of Lawfull age taken at the Bell Tavern in the Town of Lynchburg the takin thereof having been adjoured by the consent of Parties from 29th Aprl. to this 3rd day of May 1820 to be read as evidence on the trial of an Injunscion now depending in the Superior Court of Chancery by Law directed to be holden in Lynchburg whearein John Tayloe is plff and William Willis and Rich'd Dabbs are Dfts. This Affient being duly sworn upon the Holy ovengelast the turth to speak to he sayeth Qus by the plff What do you no withe the gurd to the Ill or good helth of a ngro man which I employ'd you to attend as a phision Ans. I do not think that his general health was good which might have proceeded from either old age or exposure but my attention was more particularly drawn to the defect in his eyes more especially as it relates to one of them Qus by the Deft what time ware you Call to attend this slave Ans acording to the best of my recollection it was in Feby or March 1819 Qus by the same Is it not you oppion that the Ill health of this slave was occationed by Exposure rather than by old