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John Tayloe vs. William Willis, etc.: Chancery Cause, Lynchburg City (Part 1 of 2)

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and finally he came off to Town and there I understand he died Qus by the Defd at what time did you first become acquaned with the ngro man Moses Ans In the Latter part of the Winter or sometime in the spring in 1819 as well as I recollect Qus by same What was the state of his helth and Eye Sight when you first saw him Ans he appeared to be nearly blind and complained to be unwell I also told him to go to the Blacksiths shop for a matacks and the shop in full vue Insted of doing which he went in an oposite direction I then told him that was not the way to the shop and directed him the way he then turned in the direction of the shop and there being a morter hole in his way I worned him of it but neverless he went on and fell into it Qus by the same was there any visible defect in his Eyes and if so what was it Ans his Eyes appeared to look very red and theire appeared film over them And further this affiend sayeth not J Mallory

Corporation of Lynchburg to wit The foregoing affidavit was duly taken subscribed, and Sworn to before me John Turmon Mayor of the Corporation of Lynchburg this 3rd day of May 1820 at the Bell Tavern in said Corporation. Given under my Hand this 3d May 1820. John Thurmon