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Children of Augustine G. Monroe vs. James Monroe, trst., etc.: Chancery Cause, Loudoun County (Part 1 of 2)

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proved & adopted by your orators. Your orators state that of the slaves included in the first deed one is dead & those remaining are the four following viz Charles Sally Ann & Harriett. That these by the terms of said deed would possibly fall or revert to said A. G. Monroe in Equity if not in Law but that he declines to exercise any act of ownership over them farther than to declare his consent to their being sold and disposed off by said James Monroe his brother for the benefit of his children your orators as will be seen by reference to Exhibit No 1 herewith filed to which your orators refer. Your orators farther state said Rives never has taken any part in the management of said slaves & is in fact a mere nominal trustee if he deserves that name. Your orators state that recently viz on the [blank] day of October past the said Bethany departed this life leaving your four orators all infants her only children being the only children of said A. G. Monroe That they have already received & enjoyed largely the aid & bounty of their uncle the said James Monroe (the 2nd) the trustee whose aid & bounty are still liberally extended towards their maintenance & education. That they are in fact in a great measure dependant on that bounty. That they are of an age now to require more & larger advances & that such expenditure is now more important to them than it can be at any future time. They state that it is impossible to divide said slaves in kind if it were not in other respects desirable to sell them & divide or invest the proceeds but that a sale & investment or division is desirable because the interest will exceed the hires at this time. All which is agt Equity & Law to the injury of your orators & as they are remedyless at Law & can only be relieved in Equity they pray that the said James Monroe the trustee A. G. Monroe & W. C. Rives be made defts. to this bill with apt words to charge them that they be compelled to answer the premises that a decree be entered for the sale of the said slaves and a division of the proceeds as an investment thereof at Interest & that such other & general relief be given as to you may seem right &c & the Commonw'lths writ of Spa &c Har pq