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George W. Washington vs. J.B. Slaughter, Trustee, etc.: Chancery Cause, King William County (Part 2 of 2)

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44 Washington v. Slaughter, Trustee, &c.

ered along with the original, ant that the decree rendered April 21st, 1874, be — and that J. B. Slaughter, trustee, and B. Starke, assignee, be enjoined and restrained from selling the lot 186, at West Point, in the bill and proceedings mentioned, until the further order of this court. Your orator asks that all the matters raised in the bill and amended bill, answers and petitions in this page 82} cause, be referred to a commissioner of this court, and said commissioner take deposition, respecting all questions, and make report of all matters deemed pertinent by himself, and all matters requested be stated by other persons interested. Grant unto your orator full and final relief, and your orater will ever pray, &c. GEORGE WASHINGTON, By counsel.

Virginia, King William county, to-wit: Personally appeared before me, W. B. Slaughter, a justice of the peace for the county aforesaid, George W. Washington, and made oath that the facts as set forth in the foregoing petition are true to the best of his knowledge and belief. Given under my hand this 8th day of July, 1874. WM. B. SLAUGHTER, J. P. Endorsed. "The injunction prayed for is refused." J. M. JEFFRIES. July 10th, 1874.

Injunction awarded to enjoin and restrain d'fts Slaughter, trustee, and Stake, assignee, from selling the piece of parcel of land in the page 83 } bill and proceedings mentioned under said deed of trust, also in decree mentioned, and also to enjoin and restrain said Slaughter, trustee, from proceeding to sell the said land under the decree of the Circuit court of King William, entered on the 21st of April, 1874, until the further order of said court or of

Washington v. Slaughter, Trustee, &c. 45

the judge thereof in vacation. But this order is not to take effect until the plaintiff or some one for him shall enter into bond with security before the clerk of said court in the penalty of $100, conditioned to pay all such costs as may be awarded, and all such damages as may be incurred, in case this injunction be dissolved. JOS. CHRISTIAN. Aug. 13th, 1874. To the clerk of the Circuit court of King Wm. county. A copy—teste, O. M. WINSTON, Clerk King Wm. Circuit court. March 31st, 1875.

page 84 } This deed of trust, made and entered into this 10th day of January, 1873, between Benjamin N. Robinson and Lucy H., his wife, of the first part, and John B. Slaughter of the second part, and Bolivar Starke of the third part. Witnesseth, that the said Benjamin N. Robinson and Lucy H., his wife, parties of the first part, do hereby grant unto the said John B. Slaughter, the party of the second part, the following property, to-wit: All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situated, lying and being in the town of West Point, in the county of King William, and designated on the map of the said town as lot No. 186, with all the improvements thereon or thereto appertaining, being the same property now in the possession of George Washington, and used by him as a restaurant, in trust to secure Bolivar Starke the payment of two notes made and signed by the said Benjamin N. Robinson, one bearing date the 17th day of June, 1872, for the sum of six hundred and twenty-nine ($629 17-100) 17-100 dollars, and payable one day after page 85 } the date therof, the other made and executed on the 8th day of January, 1873, for the sum of one hundred and fifty-two ($152 70-100) 70-100 dollars, and payable on demand and upon the conditions following, to-wit: If default shall be made in the payment of said notes or either of them for the space of thirty days after demand for the payment thereof shall have been made upon the said Robinson, the party of the first part, by the said Starke, the party of the third part, his heirs or assigns, then the said John B. Slaughter, trustee, as aforesaid, shall proceed after having first advertised the time and place of sale for not less than thirty days in some newspaper published in the town of West Point or in the city of Richmond, to sell said property hereinbefore mentioned