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Frederick Idle vs. Philip Gaines: Chancery Cause, Grayson County (Part 2 of 2)

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A. Yes. q. Had F. Idle lent you his shot gun previous to that time? A. He did not lend it to me. q. Had he put her in your power to take her before that time? A. I could have it when I pleased. q. Had F. Idle offered you a reward previous to that time, to take Hager out of my possession? A. I had heard him say he would give a cow and calf to any person who would get her out from Mr. Gaines. I understood him to mean me a well as others. q. Was there an attempt about that time to take sd. negroe? A. I suppose there was an attempt made. 2. Did Idle know any thing about it? A. I cannot tell whether he did or not. q. Did you ever hear Mr. Idle say whether he had taken the necessary oath, and got a certificate when he moved sd. negroe into this state? A. I heard him say he had entered the negroe. q. Before whom? A. He did not tell me who. q. Were you present at P. Barkers in March last when Idle & Charles met there A. I never saw Charles there in my life. q. Is not Maj'r. Frisbie and Maj'r Gaines at enmity? A. I have heard Maj'r Frisbie say he looked on him to be a trouble some man. quest. by Mr. Idle. is not Maj'r Gaines at variance or at Enmity with nearly all his Neighbours A. it is reported so generally q. did you Ever hear me say any thing about having Entered negro Hager before any Justice of the peace before Maj'r Gaines got her in possession A I did not.