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Frederick Idle vs. Philip Gaines: Chancery Cause, Grayson County (Part 2 of 2)

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q. Did you see him frequently about that time? A Yes I have seen him pretty often about that time? q. Did you hear of his being sick? A No I do not rember that I did hear any thing about his sickness. q. Does Drink frequently make Idle sick. A. No not that I know of. q. Were not frequent meetings had between F. Idle and Charles in March last at your house? A Never but once. q. What time of the day was that? A. It was in the night. q. What time was it in the month? A. I cannot tell. q. Had they any privit conversation? A. I do not recollect, it seems to me that when Charles went to start Mr. Idle went out of the house with him. q. Did Mr Idle return to the house? A. I cannot recollect. q. Was William Cornwell there at that time? A. If he was I have forgotten it. q. What was the conversation that passed between Idle & you Just before I called you to the book? A. We were talking about me executing Cornwells property. quest. by Compts. What time of the night was it that I was at your house? A. I cannot tell, it after dark. q. By Deft. Is not Maj'r A. Frisbie and M. P. Gaines at enmity? A. I cannot say. And further this dft sais not Polly x her mark Barker Sworn to and acknowledged before me this 24th Dec 1808. Nath'l Frisbie