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Robert Lewis vs. Nelson Barksdale and James Minor: Chancery Cause, Augusta County

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To the Honorable John Brown Judge of the Superior Court of Chancery for the Staunton District, your orator, Robert Lewis humbly complaining sheweth unto your honor, that some time in the year of [blank] he made a contract with a certain Nelson Barksdale acting as agent for a certain James Minor, for the purchase of a negro fellow by name Will, who was then at Buckingham Courthouse. Your orator charges that he contracted for said negro at the price of $450 for which he executed his bond payable on the [blank] day of [blank] as will now fully appear by reference to said bond filed in the Clerk's office of the County of Albemarle on which an office Judgment has been confirmed by which said contract it was stipulated that said negro was to be delivered at your orators plantation in the County of Albemarle, and a good title executed and at the time of making which contract your orator charges. that said negro was represented and warranted to your [you] to be a negro of good character- your orator charges that in consequence of said warranty and agreement to deliver said negro to him at this plantation in the County of Albemarle he entered into the contract and gave his bond. But your orator charges that since the sid contract was entered into he has ascertained by general report from the neighborhood from whence he was brought that he was a negro of most infamous character, he being a notorious runaway, a rogue, and give to other vices too tedious to mention, all of which he conceives & believes were known to the parties aforesd. and which he conceives tended to lessen the value of said negro which facts had they been known to your orator would have prevented his purchasing said negro. Your orator charges that the said negro was not delivered to him at his plantation in Albemarle in pursuance of the contract, but was left by said Barksdale in the Town of Warren from whence he runaway and has never since some to your orator's possession nor has the said Minor ever executed to your orator a title for said negro fellow, or has he received a title from any person your orator charges that he is now subject to be harrassed by an execution on said Judgment which will be manifestly oppressive and injurious to your orator, and altho the said bond was executed for the consideraton aforesaid. yet being under the seal of your orator he was advised that he could not go into the consideration of it in a court of common law. Your orator therefore prays in tender consideration of the