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George B. Adkins, Notice of Separation from Naval Service, July 25, 1946.

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1. Serial or File No. 2. Name (Last) (First) (Middle) 3. Rate and Class/OR Rank and Classification 4. Permanent Address for Mailing Purposes

376 08 92 ADKINS, George Bozeman Aviation Radioman First Class USN

1025 Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri Jackson County

5. Place of Separation 6378 Shoemaker, California

6. Character of Separation Honorable

7. Address from which employment will be sought Oakland, California

8. Race 9. Sex 10. Marital Status 11. U.S. Citizen (Yes or No) White M Single Yes

12. Date and Place of Birth 7-30-21 Ft. Worth, Texas

[landscape orientation] Record of Naval Service [this section covers boxes 13 - 24]

Sel. Ser. Data [portrait orientation] 13. Registered 14. Selective Service Board of Registration 15. Home address at time of entry into service

__ Yes  _X_ No          - - -                                                                Kansas City, Mo.

16. Means of Entry (indicated by check in appropriate box) _X_ Enlisted ___ Inducted ___ Commissioned Date 7-24-40 Date Date

17. Date of Entry into Active Service 7-24-40

18. Net Service (For pay purposes)

   (yrs., mos., days)


19. Place of entry into active service Oakland, Calif.

20. Qualifications, Certificates Held, Etc. ARM1/c See NavPers 15340

21. Ratings Held AS, S/2c, RM3/c, ARM3/c, ARM2/c, ARM1/C

22. Foreign and/or Sea Service World War II _X_ Yes ___ No

23. Service Schools Completed Weeks ARM School, NAS San Diego, Calif . 16 US Nav. Det Radio School, Clinton, Ontario, Canada 4

24. Service (Vessels and Stations Served On) USNTS San Diego, Calif. 2 mos. NAS Corpus Christi, Texas ACORN (RED) TWO CASU #10 SECOND SEAPLANE BASE, EBON SQD VPB 2#1 Jacksonville, Fla. CASU 5 VB 4 ATU #1 NAS Hutchinson, Kan.

[landscape orientation] Pay & Insurance Data [this section covers boxes 25 - 33]

[portrait orientation] If premium is not paid when due or within thirty-one days thereafter, insurance will lapse. Make checks or money orders payable to the Treasurer of the U.S. and forward to Collector's Subdivision, Veteran's Administration, Washington 25, D.C. 25. Kind of Insurance NSI & USI 26. Effective Montho of Allotment Discontinuance 6-46 27. Mo. Next Premium Due 8-46 28. Amount of Premium Due Back Month 2.64 & 5.19 29. Intention of Veteran to continue ins. Yes 30. Total payment upon discharge $363.07 31. Travel or Mileage Allowance Included in Total Payment $1.70 32. Initial Mustering Out Pay PAID 33. Name of Disbursing Officer B. D. Pollock LT. (JG) 520 001

34. Remarks American Defense Asiatic Pacific 3 Stars American Area Victory Medal Good Conduct Medal 1 Star Combat Air Crew Insignia 3 Stars

35. Signature (By Direction of Commanding Officer] [signature] [typed beneath] Dean T. Clark EENSIGN USNR

[landscape orientation] Employment and Educational Data [this section covers the remaining boxes 36-48] 36. Name and Address of last Employer None 37. Dates of Last Empl'mt From - - - To 38. Main Civilian Occupation and D. O. T. No. Student 39.Job Preference (List Type, Locality, and General Area) Electronic Research -- East Coast 40. Preference for Additional Training (Type of Training) Electrical Engineering 41. Non-Service Edu. (Yrs. Successfully Completed) Gram: 8 H.S.: 4 Coll. -- 42. Degrees - - - 43. Major Course or Field General 44. Vocational or Trade Courses (Nature and Length of Course) Printing (H.S.)

[There is a stamp over box 44 which bleeds into box 46.] Application for Readjustment Allowance Public Law #346 Made Through State of Missouri Date 8-7-46

45. Right Index Fingerprint [fingerprint] 46. Off Duty Education Courses Completed None 47. Date of Separation 7-25-46 48. Signature of Person Being Separated [signature of George Bozeman Adkins]

[There is a 5 written at the bottom of the page - under the signature box]