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Loose Paper 14

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prescribe, by public notice, whether such appointments shall be made by district, ward, county, or city meeting, or by primary election, and the number of delegates to which such district, ward, county, or city shall be entitled. 7. The county and city committee will appoint a superintendent of registration, subject to the control and direction of the county and city chairman, for each precinct in their respective counties and cities. 8. The county and city chairman, together with the county or city committee, shall appoint five or more reliable precinct committeemen, one of whom shall be appointed chairman or chief of said committee. The duty of this committee shall consist in listing the votes of the precinct and a division of the same into fifties and tens, each division being placed in charge of a chief and leader, to be selected from the most reliable workers of the party. This committee will take charge of the party's interest at the precinct.

PROXIES. 9. In no committee or other representative body of the party shall any member be permitted to vote by proxy, or otherwise delegate his powers, unless expressly authorized so to do by the power appointing him.

RORER A. JAMES Chairman State Committee.

J. N. BRENAMAN Secretary.

Democratic State Committees Executive Committee

First District - Nelson S. Groome , Hampton: Second District - J. E. West, Suffolk; Third District - W. T. Reed, Richmond; Fourth District - H.F. Hutcheson, Boydton: Fifth District - E.S. Reed, Chatham; Sixth District - James P. Woods. Roanoke; Seventh District - Geo. B. Keezell, Keezletown; Eighth District - E. B. White, Leesburg; Ninth District - Henry C. Stuart, Elk Garden; Tenth District - H.D. Flood, Appomattox.

State Committee

First District - T.J. Downing, Lancaster; J. Boyd Sears, Mathews; R. L. Ailsworth, Eastville; E. D, Cole, Fredericksburg; Allan D. Jones, Newport News. Chas. N. Gravatt, Port Royal.