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Joseph V. Remisiwicz, Scrapbook, c1944.

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[Caption] Street Scene [Series of repetitive signs painted on or attached to a building of at least four stories located on a street corner] Annunci Economici de IL Tempo [Horizontal above a set of three windows]

Leggete Il Tempo annuci economici [Appears on three signs between windows] Economici de IL Tempo [Horizontal in one line below windows]

[Illegible] [pillar] Italia [pillar] Italia Socie[?]a Di [Navigazione?]

[There about 10 pedestrians visible, most of whom appear to be in winter coats. In the street is a bicycalist and a small three wheeled truck. The truck has an open cargo body with sides that appear to be about 2 feet high and a man is riding therein. There is a cab for the drive but there does not seem to be a door. The vehicle appears to be a three wheeled motorcycle with a cab and bed.]