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Joseph V. Remisiwicz, Scrapbook, c1944.

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[Black and white photo of a rectangular room with the camera looking along the long axis. At the far end is a bar area. There appears to be a mirror on the wall with what is probably a stylized propeller over it and shelves below on which are placed about 15 bottles. There is what looks like a bar with something like corrugated metal along the front and about half a dozen empty stools. Along the right are two tables with two chairs on either side of each and there appears to be a third one at the front right side of the image. Four men are sitting at these tables and all appear to be reading magazines or newspapers. All but one of the men appear to be dressed in khaki uniforms with no jackets or ties. Most have on officers crush caps. The one other man is largely obscured and may be wearing a collared jacket. On the left at the front is a man who is standing. Three men are seated against the wall on the left and at least two appear to be reading newspapers. A fifth man on the left appears to be adjusting a radio and there appears to be a stack of phonograph records on a table next to him. These look to be larger than the 33 1/3 LP records from the 1950s and '60s.]