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Leroy S. Foster to Iris M. Foster, Letter, July 05, 1944.

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3 wear away from here, I am shore that we won’t leave to-day because we haven’t finish our inspection, I think we will leave to-morrow night, but one thing I said came true yesterday was the last pass that we could get they won’t even let us go to the show or nothing but just stay right here I shore was some lucky to get off while you were down here honey. I will do some thing for my honey one of these days real short I hope, it shore is hot down this place this eving, but that don’t stop us at all, I have turn all my equipment in that I don’t use, even that old rifle two, I would like it if I were station here and you were down here you shore would be mine then, but the only thing stops me honey is that I am going across and I would worry twice as mutch as I