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Jordan, German v. Rosser, John, etc.: Chancery Cause, Campbell County (Part 23 of 24)

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The Deposition of Edwin C. Jordan taken at same time and place to be read in like manner. Beig first duly sworn saith Ques. by Deft Jordan. How long before the departure of the slaves of Jordan & Rosser [for?] the South, had the time been fixed on by the parties, and also state when they did start - Answer. They left the 2d. Demr 1838, and for about a week before that time, had determined on that time to leeve. Ques: by same. Did you or not, and how far, accompany the expedition and state what you may know of my being taken ill, and returning, and what arrangement was made with regard to the further progress of the expedition, and the disposition of the slaves.- Answer. I left in company with them, and went as far as Millers. My father was unwell at the time of leaving, and the day before he reached Millers concluded to return, but on the solicitation of Messr. Long and Rosser, consented to go on one day latter, and then returned and myself with him. On leaving the Company at Millers he executed a bill of sale to be given to Rives for the Slaves, and delivered it to Edmd. W. Rosser. - Col. Long stated that he was going necessarily to Vicksburg on his own business, and volunteered to accompany the expedition, and render them any assisstance he could, stating moreover that he was in possession of a supply of money which he would kindly advance in the event Rosser should want it on the way to defray expences &c. Ques. by same.- Do you recollect and if so state, what I directed should be done with the negroes in the event Rives declined taking them.- Ans: My father directed that if Rives was not prepared to pay in cash, or funds equivalent to cash, in hand the Slaves should be taken elsewhere for sale - Ques by same - What were the instruction as regarded