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Jordan, German v. Rosser, John, etc.: Chancery Cause, Campbell County (Part 23 of 24)

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3d Sheet: By Rossers atty. Do you know Armistead Long formily of this County, late of Kentucky and now of Amherst - would you from your experience consider him an experienced Slave trader in the home or foreign market, and do you suppose he was acquainted with the trade in New Orleans - What has been his pursuits since you have known him? Answer I am acquainted with Armistead Long. As to his trading business I know nothing about it - as to his being acquainted with the trade in New Orleans I am uninformed. I never knew what his pursuits were until I went to Lynchburg to live He there Carried on the carpenters business or had it Carried on Question by the defendant German Jordan. When you first went to New Oleans to sell slaves were you not a stranger there, and did you on that occasion employ an agent to make sales for you or did you deem it necessary to employ one. In what year was it that you made your first trip to that City? Answer. When I first went to New Orleans to sell slaves I was a stranger there. I employed no agent to make sales for me nor did I deem it necessary. My first trip to that City was in the Winter of 1834 By Rosser. Did I not understand your in saying that arriving to the [exactions?] of the Auctioneers Brookers &c that you had [removed?] you slaves from that market - were you there often with slaves for sale - Is not there much less dificulty in selling on a rising, than a declining market - Answer. As to the Brookers, I had nothing to do with them. I employed an auctioneer to sell some five or Six slaves for me. The purchasers required me to give [illegible] Security for the titles which I refused