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Jordan, German v. Rosser, John, etc.: Chancery Cause, Campbell County (Part 23 of 24)

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to the firm should follow for the want of your experience & skill, who should bear that loss, you, who had abandoned your charge and violated your contract, of the Company? Answer I should say the Company By the Same. Then are we to understand you as saying that if one partner performs his part of the agreement and the other violates his part of the agreement leading to a loss . . That That loss should should be visited upon the innocent and not borne by the guilty one? Answer. I should say the company ought to bear the loss jointly. By Same. was not the def. G. Jordan long engaged in buying & selling Slaves, was he not considered an experienced and skilfull trader, had he not previous to 1838 sold slaves in N. Orleans. If you do not Know the fact personally have you not heard him say that he had taken Slaves to that market & there sold them? Answer. The defendant German Jordan has been more or less engaged in buying and selling slaves for a good many years back. He called himself a skilfull and experienced trader. I heard the defendant German say that he had sold a Lot of negroes in that market before the year 1838 and heard him boast of the profit he made and the speedy manner in which he had effected his sales Question by the Deft. German Jordan. You say you are acquainted with Edmund Rosser the son of the plaintiff. Please say if he is not an intelligent man and if he did not act for several years as a deputy Sheriff of the County of Campbell? Answer. I should say that Edmund Rosser is an intelligent man and it comes within my knowledge that he acted for several years as a deputy Sheriff of the County of Campbell Question by the plaintiff (to 3d sheet.)