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Jordan, German v. Rosser, John, etc.: Chancery Cause, Campbell County (Part 23 of 24)

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a St. Louis boat - Thence a change of boats to Vicksburg, and thence again to reship to New Orleans, and the expences there of 6 to 8 weeks waiting for sale including necessary [illegible] cloathing, shoes and blankets, on the land travel of some 700 miles and new cloathing in New Orleans - and is not the said decent clouthing deemed necessary before offering slaves for market in that City? Answer I cannot tell what would be the cost per head for taking negroes from this quarter of the Country to New Orleans along the rout designated in the question - I never took any that way - nor can I say what would be the expenses there of six or eight weeks waiting for sales including clothing - new and decent clothing is necessary before offering slaves for sale in that market By same please state if negroes did or not continue to fall in price from the Fall of 1838 untill the Spring of 1839, and indeed if the fall or decline of price did not continue long after that time untill prices here for fellows No 1 fell down to $500 or less and would it have been prudent to hold on upon negros costing say for fellows $800 - to $850 a head for No 1 [illegible] in winter 1839. Answer. Negroes did continue to fall in price pretty rapidly from the fall of 1838 until the Spring of 1839 and the fall continued after that time until fellows not got down I think as low as $500. I should say it would not have been prudent in the Winter of 1839 to have held on to Negroes costing say for fellows from 800 $ to $850 By Same If you, an experienced and skilled trader, had formed a partnership with a man inexperienced in the foreign trade on condition that he should advance his capital and labour in purchasing the slaves at home and that you should take them abroad & sell them, and if after travelling 100 to 150 miles you were to employ and agent, and abandon your charge and a loss