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Johnston, John J. v. Mitchell, William A., etc.: Chancery Cause, Warren County (Part 3 of 4)

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[left side of page] The foregoing is an extract from the written terms of sale, and contains all except the caption thereof - underneath is written as follows - "The deviation in the above particulars of sale, from those required by the deed of trust is much more for my benefit and my request. Given under my hand and seal this 3rd February 1845." Jno. J. Johnston (seal) "The above terms are in derogation of my rights but I consent to them in order to encourage the sale. Wm. .Green" The land was sold on these terms to John J. Johnston be being the highest bidder for Five thousand nine hundred dollars. The land was advertised to be sold for $4700 cash and residue in several payments on finally - but a postscript was added to the advertisement to the effect that only above $3000 would be required to be paid in cash - the residue on time - [right side of page] This alteration was made for two purposes, one to promote the sale; the other a leading object with Col. Johnston was that the first bond on which he had obtained a judgment against you should not be paid out of the land, (it being certain that he would lose [largely?]) but that he might make that judgment out of you if he could.

Yours respectfully

John C. Green William A. Mitchell, Esqr.