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Johnston, John J. v. Mitchell, William A., etc.: Chancery Cause, Warren County (Part 3 of 4)

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(8) About the matter. Ques by same. Did you make any promise to keep it secret.

Ans. I did Ques by Same. Was this promise made before or after he gave you the information of his having bought of his brother William the Negroes.

Ans. Before - of course - he told me Ques by same. Did he say [whether?] he had purchased any negroes since his return from below. Ans. He told me he had bought one from Mr Tolliffe at Four hundred & fifty dollars Quest by Same. Did he say what he wanted with these negroes he was then buying.

Ans. He wanted to take them to [illegible] Ques by Same. Please state as accurately as you can remember the time this conversation took place between yourself and James C. Mitchell.

Ans. I think it was the third Sunday in September 1844. Shortly after his return from Alexandria. Ques by Same. Have you known intimately James C. Mitchell and for how long a time.

Ans. From his boyhood up to the present time I have known him intimately. Quest by Same. Has he ever been engaged in any business this year have [illegible] [illegible] and to what extent.