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Johnston, John J. v. Mitchell, William A., etc.: Chancery Cause, Warren County (Part 3 of 4)

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[left side of page ] (6) time of the sale of negroes by Mitchell to [Green?].

Ans. To the best of my recollection he was boarding with [me?] - but was not present with the parties at the sale - The only person present that I can recollect of was my Mother Mrs. Matilda Mitchell - myself - Doct. Green and my brother Mr. A. Mitchell. Ques. by same Did you ever inform said James C. Mitchell that such a sale had been made.

Ans. I don't recollect that I ever did. Ques. by same. What time was it that James C. Mitchell left your house and where did he go afterwards.

Ans. I think he left my house in April or May 1844 and on the 21 day of May of that year he was boarding at Mr. Hick's below [Paris?]. Ques. by Same. Did you not tell Mrs. Frances Green at the time that James had gone below with the negroes that he had gone to sell your Mother William's negroes.

Ans. At the time that Mrs. Green alludes to, I did not know that James had gone with the negroes - and if I did tell her so I knew entirely to the [illegible]; for I knew the negros belonged to Doct Green. Question by the same. Were there any other persons in the house on the day of the transfer of those Negros by Mitchell to Green. Answer. I do not recollect any other persons but those I have named. [right side of page] (7) And further this deponent sayeth not. Frances P Sowers The Deposition of William B. Sowers to be read in evidence on behalf of John J. Johnston in a suit depending in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for Warren County between said John J. Johnston Plff and Jas: C. Mitchell & others Defts - taken at the time and place mentioned in the caption of the deposition taken by said Mitchell by the Consent of parties. Wm D. Sowers of lawful age being first sworn deposeth and saith: Ques by Plff - Will you state whether you ever had any conversation with Wm A Mitchell relative to his negroes and if so at what time. Ans. He told that before John J. Johnston should have his negros he would put them out of his reach when this conversation took place I do not now remember. Ques by Same. Had you ever any conversation with James C Mitchell relative to these negroes - if so state at what time it occurred. Ans I think in September 1844 it was James C Mitchell and myself were walking & the conversation came concerning the negroes & I asked him what he had done with them and at first he told me that they now lived out below the Ridge somewhere after we had talked some time he told me that he had given his brother William Nine hundred dollars for them and had sold them for [one?] [thousand?] dollars - and that he was then on his way to Mr Thomas' to purchase another negro - but that I must not say anything