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Johnston, John J. v. Mitchell, William A., etc.: Chancery Cause, Warren County (Part 3 of 4)

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2 Ques by same What would you suppose that said Wm A Mitchells expenses at Philadelphia and going to and returning from there would amount to Ans I should say Three hundred and twenty dollars as [sure?] as I can come at it And further this deponent saith not Geo. W. Rust The deposition of Frances E Sowers Who being first sworn deposes and Saith Questions 1st by defendant Were you or were you not present at the time James W Green bought two negro Boys Lem & Arthur of Wm A Mitchell Answer I was present Question by same State at what time James W Green bought said Boys of Wm A Mitchell Answer At the time Doctr Green transferred the bond payable to his wife to Matilda Mitchell which by reference to the Bond was on the 28th day of August 1843. Question by same State whether Doctr Green took said negro Boys in possession Answer he did that day Question by same Why do you know Dr Green took said negroes in possession Lem was at my house at the time the sale took place and Arthur was sent from James Mitchell's to my house before the Doctor left Question by same When did Doctor Green leave your house 3 the evening of the same day he bought the Boys Question by Pltfs Counsel Please detail with as minute accuracy (all and any circumstance) as you can recollect attending the sale by Wm A Mitchell to Doct Green the consideration paid and the delivery of possession of the said negroes Ans My Brother Wm A Mitchell and Doct Green were bargaining in my presence for the negro boys — the bill Sale was written and [given?] in my presence and the bond was also executed at my house in my presence — but the precise amount of the bond I do not recollect. Len was there at the time and my brother told Doct Green to take possession of him and that he would go up to James Mitchell's where Arthur was and send him down the same day, which he did that evening — Doct Green then asked me if I wished to hire his boys — I told him that I did not want to hire them and he requested me to let them remain at my house until he called for them and they did so until he called for them, but for how long a time I do not remember. Ques by Same Was any thing said in your presence either by Wm A Mitchell or Doct Green relative to a suit then depending in Clarke County against said Wm A Mitchell Ans There was not Ques by Same Please state whether you applied to said William A Mitchell to purchase Arthur of him and what price you offered for him Ans The 1 of June [1843?] we was speaking together of buying one of his boys and I offered for a boy named Hammond or Arthur Four