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Hill, Henry v. Taylor, Humphrey: Chancery Cause, Madison County (Part 3 of 10)

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[Left side of page] present at any interview or interviews between the said Hill & Taylor (plaintiff & defendant) in which the subject was mentioned; if so, & that [illegible] more interviews than one, at what times were they held; & what passed between them on the subject of the negro trading which has been for several years past carried on under the management of said Taylor? Answer. It was customary (while I lived at my fathers) for the defendant Taylor to come there before taking his southern trips, & after his return from the South during which visits I had frequently heard them in conversation in reference to the Negro trading business - and they usually spoke of it as a matter in which they were mutually interested. Question by the same. Whether or no have you known the said Hill to take any part in the transaction of business relating to the said trade, in the absence of the said Taylor out of Virginia, or at other times? Answer. The said Hill was in the habit of attending to the business during the absence of Taylor. He was I think also in the habit of paying off & taking in bonds which were given by the said Taylor and Hill for the purchase of negroes. I can not at this time refer to any particular case but I am confident as to his having paid off some such bonds. Question by the same. In the course of your southern trip with the defendant Taylor, whether or no did he speak of the slaves then in company as the joint property of himself & your father, or the subject of a partnership existing between them? And in speaking of the partnership, did he speak of it as limited to that trip, or as one that had existed for some years? [Right side of page] Answer. Taylor usually spoke of the Slaves (when in conversation about the trading business) as the property of himself & the said Hill jointly. Nor did he speak of the partnership as being limited to that trip but spoke of it as having existed for some years. Question by Defts Counsel. When you speak of a partnership between the said Hill & Taylor do you [mean?] a general partnership, or an interest only in the profits that might result from the sale of negroes? Answer. I understood him to mean a copartnership in the negro trading business. Question by Same. The answer is not [responsive?] to all the questions, will you state, whether there was a partnership for general purposes between [Messrs?] Hill & Taylor, or were ^they^ interested only in the profits that might arise in the trade of negroes? Answer. My understanding of it was, that they were interested in both in the profits & loss of the negro trading business I did not understand that they were partners in anything except in said business. Question by Same. In the bonds & notes to which you have referred, were not the names of Henry Hill & Humphrey Taylor signed by each of those persons severally & not joint? Answer I think they were ^signed^ severally & not jointly Question by same, Did Mr Taylor tell you