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Hill, Henry v. Taylor, Humphrey: Chancery Cause, Madison County (Part 3 of 10)

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[Left side of page] Madison County to wit: I Edmund G Chapman a justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid do hereby certify that the foregoing deposition of Nathaniel Tatum was this day taken before me at the place and between the hours, and for the purposes set forth, in the caption prefixed thereto Given under my hand this 19th day of October 1843. E.G. Chapman J.P.

Lewis P Nelson another witness introduced by the defendant being sworn deposes and says in answer to questions Question by the defendant by counsel - State if you please whether you had heard Jno. P. Hill speak of this proceeding of Henry Hill against Humphrey Taylor, since it was instituted, and if so what did he say. Ans. I heard J.P. Hill say that he had proposed a settlement with H Taylor and I asked him did he tell H Taylor that if he did not settle he would take the proceedings that he had then taken his answer was no that he had not. that H. Taylor had asked him the same question or ^had asked him^ why he did not tell him he was going to proceed as he had. Question by the same What did you understand from this conversation was the motive which induced a resort to this proceeding? Ans I understood from J.P. Hill that their object was an immediate settlement or; to force a settlement before H Taylor left for the South and further this deponent saith not. L.P. Nelson The Plaintiff by his attorney objects & excepts [Right side of page] to the testimony of the foregoing witness Nathaniel Tatum and Lewis P Nelson, Because they speak of what Jno P. HIll ^said^, who has been examined as a witness in the cause and who is now present and could speak for himself if desired - and Because the witness give their opinions and inferences, which is not testimony - and Because the testimony is objectional upon all legal grounds.

Madison County to wit: I Reuben Thomas - do hereby certify that the foregoing depositions of Lewis P. Nelson, to be read in a suit defending on the Chancery side of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Madison, in which Henry Hill is plaintiff, and Humphrey Taylor is defendant was this day taken before me a justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid, at Carpenters Tavern at Madison Ct. Ho. between the hours of 2 o'clock and six o'clock (P.M.) of this day. Given under my hand this 19th of October 18 Reuben Thomas J.P.