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Hill, Henry v. Taylor, Humphrey: Chancery Cause, Madison County (Part 3 of 10)

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[Left side of page] Question by same. What was the Joint business if any in which H & J W Taylor were concerned, and do you now or did you ever know of any firm of H & J W Taylor If so what did their business consist in: And were the slaves ^on the farm of J W Taylor^ not sold by you to J W Taylors Father in law, slaves previously carried to the South by H Taylor. Ans. I do not know of any Joint business they were conserned in only what J W Taylor told me himself & that was that he had an interest in the trading business and that he was farming in partnership with his father the same that East was J W Taylor commenced the farm in copartnership with his father in winter of 1842. Question by same - Have you ever seen advertised in the Southern papers, Sales under mortgages & executions to H and J W Taylor if so do you know the origin of those debts Ans I have seen them advertised in that way but I do not know the origin Question by Defts counsel Do you not know that Mr H Taylor owes & possesses on his estate in Madison many other negro slaves besides the woman & two children you have spoken of or sent from [illegible] this day? Ans I know of several I do not know how many Question by Same I'm speaking of the 800 acres now in possession of J. W. Taylor do you [on?] that number of acres or description of the tract, or do you mean that there are still 800 acres after the deduction of the fifty acres sold off in Lots as you have elsewhere stated? [Right side of page] Ans The original tract was 800 acres as I have understood not as I know anything of ^my^ own knowledge of which I understood then was 50 acres sold off Question by same From all that you know, both in Virginia & in the South are you not firmly persuaded into the belief Mr H. Taylor has no intention of removing permanently from this State; and has he not business of importance within you knowledge that needs his care in the South? Ans I do not believe that Mr H Taylor has any Idea of removing from Va if so he has not communicated any such intention to me I know that he has business in the South that demands his atention further this deponant sayeth not J. M. Nelson The Plaintiff by his council excepts to every answer that rests upon hear say, from any quarter unless when he called for it himself, and to every question and the answer to the same, when the question is a leading one. J C Gibson for Plaintiff The foregoing deposition of James M Nelson was taken subscribed (& sworn to by him) before me a Justice of the peace for Madison County at the time & place & for the object [mentioned?] in the [caption?] thereof & in the presence & examination of Counsel for Plff & Def in the suit named. Given under my hand this 17th Octo 18[?]3 Robert A Banks J.P.