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Hill, Henry v. Taylor, Humphrey: Chancery Cause, Madison County (Part 3 of 10)

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[Left side of page] Question by Plaintiffs council - You have stated in answer to a previous question put by the Defendants council that Taylor had debts of his own in the South. Did you by that mean to convey the idea that they were his own individual debts and that Col Hill the plaintiff had no interest in them, or only that they were not debts in which you, Saunders & Hudnell had ^no^ interest. Answer - I know that he has debts due him him there for the Sale of some town lots in the town of Clinton La for lots amounting to some 7 or 10 hundred dollars I once had those bonds in my possession for safe keeping this money was for the sale of part of the 800 acres before mentioned. Question by same. Had he not previously sold lots in said town or adjoining thereto for which you never had the bonds, if so state to what amount as well as you recollect. Ans. I believe he had but I knew nothing about the amount Question by same. Did not said Taylor make a purchase of other lands in Louisiana near the river if so state the costs as well you recollect. Ans. He made no other purchases that I know off Question by same. Have you any information of any debts that Taylor had in the South for the sale of negroes in which neither yourself Saunders or Hudnall had any interest if so state the amt as well as you know. Ans I have none Question by same - You say that the Missippi [Mississippi] lands upon which Tatum lives cost about $700. State how you know that to have been the cost. Answer. I know it only by rumour I further know that those lands are very poor and never have rated high I should think 5$ per acre a very high price for it I understand from Mr Tayler that there is 320 acres of it. [Right side of page] Question by same. Do you not know that Mr Taylor has stated to day for the South slaves that he has had for some years in possession on his farm in Virginia acquired by his wife. Ans. I do know who the slaves belong to as they started from Mr. Newmans under the control of Col Reid a woman and 2 children as he told me. Mr. Newman is the son and law of Mr. Taylor and lives adjoining. Question by same. Do you not know that Mr Taylor has recently made large purchases of slaves for the Southern market which he have been started for the trip. If so state how many as well as you know and what the costs as fair as you know. If you do not know their costs state their cash value at the time in this country. Ans. I know of Mr Taylor purchasing some negroes during the summer but Mr. GW Reid told me on yesterday that he had purchased all of the slaves belonging to Mr Taylor I do not know how many slaves Mr Taylor purchased during the summer & fall. The plaintiff objects to any hearsay statement of Read or any other person. Question by Same. Did you not understand from Taylor before the commencement of this Suit of Colo. Hill agt [against] Taylor that he Taylor purchased those slaves to send to the South. Ans I understood from Mr. Taylor last spring that if he could borrow some money out of Bank that he wished to make up a lot of negroes for the Southern Market. I only know ^to my own knowledge^ of 2 negroes purchased by Mr Taylor for that purpose. Question by same. Do you now know that he Taylor did get money out of Bank upon a note endorsed by Col. Hill. Did you not hear him say so before his arrest