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Hill, Henry v. Taylor, Humphrey: Chancery Cause, Madison County (Part 3 of 10)

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no. 2 5 Question by same are you in free communication with Mr Taylor, and in his secret & confidential communications to you, has he ever intimated such a purpose, on the contrary has he not a wife, children & home in the County of Madison with personal estate attached to that home? Ans. He is in free communication with me, he never has intimated any thing like moving to the South to me he has a wife children & house in the County Madison with personal estate attached to that house. Question by Same. In the estimate of the value of Mr Taylors estate in the South which you have placed in the whole at twelve thousand dollars do you include the debts & bonds which may be due him? Ans. I do not Question by same. Can you give any information of your own knowledge what is the amount of debts so due him? Answer. I know very little about the claims so due him Question by the same. Has not the negro trade on credit in the South for some years past been hazardous & [loosing?] within your knowledge the trust of those engaged in it, & is not the loss by the fall of property, the depreciation of currency the breaking of Banks & the general [insolvency?] of the Country been very great? Ans It has for I know it to my own sorrow. Question by same Do you not hear that Mr Taylor has been a considerable ^looser^ among others (from the above causes) in that trade? Ans. I know of some pretty hevey losses sustained by Mr Taylor by bad debts & depreciation of Bank paper