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Hill, Henry v. Taylor, Humphrey: Chancery Cause, Madison County (Part 3 of 10)

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[Left side of page] Question by same. Have you any knowledge of Mr H Taylor borrowing Seven Thousand dollars of one of Banks at or about the time of his entering into partnership with Mr Sanders? Ans. I know of Mr Taylors Borrowing some six or eight thousand Dollars of the Clinton & Port Hudson Bank at Jackson La I believe in 1836 the exact time I do not recollect Question by Same. Did Taylor use that money in the partnership concern that he had [entered into with?] Mr Sanders? Answer. I do not know what use he made of the funds that he received out of Bank. I purchased a good many negroes for Saunders & Taylor in 1837 & 8. 1837 was the first year I had anything to do with their business. Question by same. Have you a knowledge of any other partnership ^in negro trading^ that Mr Taylor has entered into since the termination of that to which you have referred with Sanders & if [illegible] when? Ans. I know of Mr Taylors being in partnership with myself & J.M. Saunders since the termination of the former partnership with sd Saunders & this last partnership terminated the spring of 1842. Question by same. Is it within your knowledge or not that Mr Taylor the deft had on hand in the South ^ at the same time^ notes for debt due for his negro sales, [embracing?] his sales prior to 1836, those for the partnership with Saunders & others for the business in which you & Taylor & Saunders were [interested?] since the fall of 1841? [Right side of page] Ans Mr Taylor had & has claims belonging to Saunders & Taylor & likewise to Saunders Taylor & Nelson he has likewise ^debts^ due to Saunders Taylor Nelson & Hudnall for sale of Negroes & likewise of debts due him own A/c Question by same. Do you know in whose hands or care the evidences of these debts are deposited, or have been placed by Taylor? Ans. I frequently during last winter had some of the notes due above firms in my hands to superintend the collection of for said Taylor & when myself & said Taylor left the South all of the above claims were placed in the hands of J W Taylor Question by the same. Do you know anything of the purchases of real estate made by Mr Taylor in the South, & if yes please state their cost & present value as far you know? Answer. I do not know what the property cost him only by what Mr Taylor & others told me he made one purchase of 800 acres at 20$ per acre which I believe that ^would^ not ^brought^ more than 5$ per acre cold be obtained for it, now he made another purchase of some lands in Mississippi which cost him between seven & eight hundred dollars this is all of the lands that I know off except some town property ^in the town of Clinton La^ which I suppose would not command in cash from 3 to 5 thousand dollars Question by same. Is the real estate of which you speak in Mississippi as having cost Seven or Eight Hundred dollars that on which ^Mr [illegible]^ the son in law of Mr. Taylor resides, & does Mr Taylor hold any other estate in Missp'i within your knowledge ^[or belief?] than that you have stated above? Ans It is the same & I do not know of any other that he holds in Mississippi and believe it is all he holds in Mississippi