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Hill, Henry v. Taylor, Humphrey: Chancery Cause, Madison County (Part 3 of 10)

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ought to quit. He stated that Colo Henry Hill the plaintiff got all the profit. I remarked that it was generally thought they were partners he said they were and had been for some time. Mr Taylor left after Mr. Mallory returned and Colo. Hill came on the same business. Mr. Mallory sent me to Mr. Taylors for a horse to go after a negroe man that had been hired out about Clarke county. I called on Mr. Taylor for the horse who told me he had none and that I must go to Colo. Hill for a horse. I did call on him and he said he had none to share that he was seeding & that he would go and get the man himself & send him on - During that fall I sold a negroe to Hill and Taylor. Colo. Hill wrote the bond and he asked Taylor whilst writing whither we were to give $600 or $500 Taylor said $500. which was the price. The bargain was made with Taylor. they both signed the bond which was afterwards paid by Colo. Hill or his son. In 1836 or 1837, I think 1836 I sold a negroe to Taylor for Captain Wm Rixey. I was at Taylors House & he said Henry Hill a son of Colo. Henry Hill was going out with him that fall and that he must not expect to go on a party of pleasure for if he did that he should charge him his expences saying that his Father expected half the profits and that Henry must attend to the buisiness. Question by Defts Counsel. Do you not know that there was a considerable rise in the money value of negroes from the fall of 1833 to the summer of 1834? Answer I know there was a considerable rise, but

I don't remember the date. And further this deponant saith not.

                                         Fountain Stonesiffer

The above deposition was written by council by consent of parties

                     J.C. Gibson for Pltiff -
                     J.S. Barbour   pro: Def.

William G. Allen another witness introduced by the plaintiff who after having been first duly sworne deposes and says as follows. Question by Plaintiffs council - If you have any knowledge whither or no Colo Henry Hill the plaintiff and Humphry Taylor the defendant were partners in negroe trading state your knowledge or what you heard Humphry Taylor say about it - Answer. I bought several negroes for the firm of Taylor & Hill. at different times. Soon after Mr. Taylor commenced buying and selling negroes. he told me that Colo. Hill and himself were partners. & that he could draw what money he wanted. He said that they did not wish it known that Colo. Hill was a partner their was at that time a prejudice against negroe traders- Question by Defts Council. Did he state to you what were the terms of the partnership & if so what did he say of these terms? Answer He did not - He never gave me any statement- And further saith not.

                                          Wm G Allan

The above deposition was written by council by consent of parties

                                   J. C. Gibson for Pltiff-
                                   J. S. Barbour   pro Def.