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Hughe, John E., etc. v. Bruin, Joseph, etc.: Chancery Cause, Arlington County

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asked to see Mary Catharine. He told her she was not there. I then told Mr. Bruin my business - that this girl (Mary Catharine) was entitled to her freedom at a certain age. I then gave him the references - told him how she was purchased. He replied that there had been something said about the girls being free but that it had been cleared up satisfactorily that she was not entitled to her freedom - but if such was the case she could be forthcoming in 24 hours. Do you. The defendants Joseph Bruin and James Simpson by Francis L. Smith their counsel, insisting that the above entitled cause stands dismissed, under the statute in such case made and provided, and denying and protesting against the propriety or legality of any further proceedings in said suit, and reserving all rights arising from the previous dissolution of the injunction, none of which are hereby waived or intended to be waived - do first except to the foregoing depositions of Henry Chatam and Mary Masterson because the questions to said witnesses, are leading, and because they are interested witnesses, and the testimony given by them is hearsay - and the said defendants proceeding to cross examine the said Mary Masterson - Question first by defendants counsel - State whether or not you were present at the sale of Ann when she was sold as the property of Hughes, and purchased by your deceased husband and what is the source of your information as to the terms of sale. Answer. I was not present at the sale. My husband told me the terms and gave me the bill of sale. Question by same - you state that you went to Chatam & Vaccari, to ascertain the terms upon which Chatam sold Ann to Vaccari - at what time was this enquiry made, and why were you induced to make it. Answer. I can not state the time. I wanted the woman to have her rights and felt responsible that she should not be sold over the time. Question by same - were you present at the birth of Mary Catharine, and how old was she when you first saw her. Answer. I was not present at her birth nor can I say how old she was when I first saw her. But she was a child in the arms. Question by same. How old is Mary Catherine now, and is she alive? And how long since you have seen her. Answer. I suppose she is in her 18" year. I dont know whether she is alive or dead. I think I saw her about the 1st of January or February 1849. And further this deponent sayeth not. Mary Ann Masterson The further taking of depositions in this case adjourned to tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at the same place. W. C. Yeaton, Notary Public