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Hughe, John E., etc. v. Bruin, Joseph, etc.: Chancery Cause, Arlington County

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while in your possession Answer. I cant say whether or not there was any stipulation of the kind. I dont whether she had any children after she left me. If she should have had a child while in your possession would you have considered that child as your slave for life or for a term of years. Answer. I should have considered such child in my possession for a term of years. For how long a term - at what age of the child would you have considered your right to have expired. Answer. According to the articles, when the child arrived at the age of 25 or 30 years, that or more I can't tell. State whether you ever afterward sold the woman Ann. If yea, to whom & for what price. Answer. I sold her to Vacarri. I do not recollect the price she had but a short time to serve. I know that it was for a small amount. You say you do not recollect the price, do you think you sold her for as much as fifty dollars? Answer. Oh no. I was 25$ or 30$ the outside. Do you know. And further this deponent sayeth not. Henry Chatham The deposition of Mrs Mary Ann Masterson a witness of lawful age being first sworn: Question 1st Are you the widow of the late Laughlin Masterson. I am the widow of the late Laughlin Masterson. Did your late husband ever own a woman named Ann. Answer. He did. Do you know how your husband came by her. Answer. He bought her at a Marshal's sale when Daniel Minor was Marshal. She was sold for debt. Do you know what were the terms of the purchase by your husband. If so, state them. Answer. He bought her for a term of years when the said woman and her children were to be free. I refer to the paper marked